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Storage Moving Services

Hollywood Moving and Storage Has All Your Storage Needs Covered!

Hollywood Moving and Storage has full-service storage facilities. Our full service starts in your own home, when the Moving crew comes to pick up the belongings you would like to move into our storage facilities. Your items are then professionally prepared to be placed into storage. The Hollywood Moving and Storage crew will wrap and protect your furniture and make sure that your possessions are boxed securely. Every item will stay in the exact same protected package and all furniture will remain in the exact same furniture blanket from the time it leaves your home, while being transported to our storage facilities, and while it is in our storage facility. The length of time doesn't matter, it will stay this way whether it's for Two days or two years. And then finally when your belongings are returned safely and securely to you, you'll get an inventory list of your belongings that are placed into our storage facilities.

The Hollywood Moving and Storage crew will make a written inventory of everything except the contents of the boxes. A number will be assigned to the box itself but not the individual items inside the boxes. You'll get a copy of this inventory list so that when you move out of our storage you can make sure that all of your belongings have been returned to you. Every item you place in storage will have an inventory sticker to secure it. The stickers have two sets of numbers on them. A serial number will be written on your inventory list which references a specific item you are Moving into storage and a number will be assigned to your set of belongings in our storage facility. Your assigned number will be entered into our computer system which will enable our Storage Department to control every item of your shipment and will minimize any chance of lost items.



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International Moving Tips

The most important factor to ensure a smooth and successful international relocation is to select the right international movers for the job.
There are different international moving companies for different needs so you should be as familiar with your needs as possible. This will give you some time to narrow your move dates. When searching for a mover, you should interview at least three companies so you can compare prices and services. Remember to check the carriers' documentation and licensing. Inquire as to their insurance policy (see below).

It is not recommended that you pack you own boxes. Because of the distance and the haul, you should let the professionals handle the wrapping and boxing of your belongings. If your move is temporary, you will have the luxury of storing a great deal of your belongings. Moving storage facilities are both affordable and convenient. Many storage companies will even pick up and deliver your items. However, if storage is not an option, take the time to do some research into what appliances will work in your new home. Since different countries operate on different plug types or voltage, most electrical appliances will require some sort of adapter. You might want to consider selling or donating your current appliances. It will save you the hassle of dealing with tricky adapters and the money you save in not shipping the appliances you can use for new appliances.


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