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About Us

We here at Hollywood Moving & Storage take pride in servicing a wide variety of corporate accounts. Music Center and affiliated venues i.e.: Dorothy Candler Pavilion, Mark Taper Forum, Ahmanson Theatre, and Disney Concert & Music Hall, LA Opera, as well as surrounding corporate offices.


Services include but not limited to, Billboard set up, props set up and Removal, Venue preparations to include furniture arrangements, table & chair set up and removal, and Founder’s Room preparations.Office building services include but not limited to, cubical set up and removal, office furniture Moving and storage, computer relocation.

Hollywood Moving & Storage was founded in 1998. We are a family owned and operated business.We strive for swift, careful moves, with customer satisfaction as a priority.We move your personal and business items as if they were our own.Our storage facility is clean, climate controlled, and secure.We move everything from mansions to your children’s tree house.We take pride in taking the headache and hassle out of your move to try to make it an easy experience.A Moving company should be chosen with as much care as you used when you selected your home and furniture.We have earned a 5 star impeccable reputation for reliability, careful handling, courtesy and promptness.


Don’t take chances by doing your own Moving. Let our Moving experts do the job quickly and efficiently. You will save your back and your peace of mind and be glad you did.All our employees are dedicated to one major objective, and that is to take the worry out of your Moving problems.Wherever your move may take you, Hollywood Moving & Storage is committed to be the safest, most customer focused and successful transportation company.We have years of experience. Our high quality service is guaranteed. We offer competitive pricing and no agents to deal with. Your belongings stay with us on our trucks from location to location. We do not farm-out to other Moving companies going the same way. We are experienced and equipped in both Local and Long Distance Moving as well as residential and Commercial. No matter if your move is a big-time business relocation OR just a small jump to a new apartment around the corner, we will treat you like a Hollywood Star. Of course Hollywood Moving and Storage is fully licensed and insured, to move you and all your household items or business goods, Local or Long Distance. CAL PUC T #189467 / USDOT # 1016295 / ICC MC 435239


When you Contact Hollywood Moving & Storage, we do not treat you as a “sales call.” We treat you as we would treat one of our own or as a prestigious customer. Without you we would not be in business. Whether you are just calling around price shopping, or you are ready to reserve your truck and move date, we offer thorough information without attitude.

We are here to serve you!

24 Hour Service Seven Days a Week.
Commercial or Residential Services, Local or Long Distance Moving,Complete Packing Services ,No Job Is Too Small For Us

Fully Licensed and Insured ,Store Your Complete House Full Of Furniture Or All Your Business Goods - Days, Weeks, or Months





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Green Moving


You know it, I know it, the whole world knows it; the environment is a very fragile entity that must be treated with care and respect. With all the latest news about global warming and being environmentally friendly, everyone is trying to figure out new ways to recycle and save energy and natural resources. From ethanol powered cars to energy saving light bulbs, companies and manufacturers are trying to do their part to help preserve this precious planet of ours.

But what can you do personally to help save the planet? When a person moves they inevitably use many different types of packing materials; boxes, blankets, bubble wrap, tape, rope, scissors, Styrofoam peanuts, and the list goes on and on. When it comes to these materials, boxes are probably needed most. It used to be that once a box is used it gets thrown away never to be seen again. But with the recent “green” resurgence, choosing boxes can become a more complicated, but necessary process. Just to paint you a picture, in 1995, 13 million tons of cardboard was disposed of (14% of the total municipal solid waste generated). Cardboard is by far the single largest contributor to municipal solid waste in this country. And what are moving boxes made of? That’s right, cardboard.


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